First off, let me say that we are not jealous about anyone. How can we be? We think we’re perfect. And we’re not biased or racist or politically incorrect. How can we be? After all, I did say we are perfect, right? We don’t care about anyone else’s life, what they do, how they live, what they say, what they buy or what financial status they may be living in. How can we be? We’re perfect.

We’re Cindi and Nick. This blog is about our early AND late retirements. We’ve done them both. What we’ve learned is that no one knows what the heck they are doing when it comes to retirement. Including us! Retirement is a journey that’s done by the seat of your pants. You can plan well. Save well. And have it all expertly figured out and then reality sets in.

We reside in upstate New York on our 3.5 acre estate. We winter where ever we can find someplace warm. And in between all of that, we are traveling to as many National and State Parks in America that we possibly can in our 17ft(RB) Jayco Hummingbird travel trailer.

To us, that’s as a near perfect retirement as one can get.

Man makes plans. God laughs.

To find out more about us, watch this YouTube video:



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