A New Year. A New You. TBB Wants to Know.

I’ve joined the ladies at TBB (The Blended Blog) to answer a few questions about our mutual quest to start this new year, 2018 off right. The quest is open to anyone, so click on below and join in on the fun.


1. Resolutions or No Resolutions? I have a few resolutions that I’d like to accomplish this new year. The first is I want to go on a photo shoot at least once per week. I also do NOT want to join any more photography clubs. The new cameras coming out now are all computer driven, and many of them can be guided from either your iPhone or your iPad. I am a computer geek. I thrive on technology. Photography Clubs do not. They sit and fidget with F stops, ISOs and other manual settings. I’m long past that. In other words, I’m on my own.

state park1
last current shot I took at local state park on a dreary January day

2. Love Snow or No Snow? For me this is a no-brainer. I hate and despise snow.

3. Name a New Place you want to go to this year? I want to explore the west. Cowboy country. I want to feel the big, wide open range.

4. Would you rather have a New Hair Cut or Hair Color? I have always been on the search for that great haircut and unfortunately, it only happened once in my lifetime so far. But I keep searching and trying. No one can cut my hair the way I want it and most times, I do it myself! I let my hair go gray so no need for hair color.

Why is it so hard for stylists to give me this friggin’ haircut????


5. Name one special thing you want to do for yourself this year? If I can work it into our budget, I want a new, high pixel, internet-ready camera. I’m looking at a $800+ expense, and that’s just for the camera body.


6. Least favorite thing about January? It’s cold.

7. Most favorite thing about January? Once I get all our tax forms (due by January 31st) I can start working on our tax refund.

8. When do you take down your holiday decorations? Right after Christmas Day. By then, I’ve had it with the holiday and I want the memory of it gone!

december13 my tree.jpg - 1

9. Do you diet in January? Yes. Followed by the next 11 months.

10. What area of your home do you want to organize the most? In New York, we’re gearing up to finally get our Master Bedroom in order. In Florida, my office filing needs a bit more work.

11. Favorite winter comfort food? Tuscan bean soup. Mac & Cheese. A cup of decaf tea with honey & lemon.

tuscan bean
Tuscan Bean Soup with spinach

12. Favorite guilty pleasure? Live entertainment, especially comedy clubs. Nothing feels so right than attending a comedy club on a Saturday night, sitting back, and having a few good laughs and a few good drinks. Perfect! (I’ve seen a few great comics over my lifetime. Currently I’m on the quest to see Sebastian Maniscalco this year. Love him!)




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