New Year’s Resolutions

One of the top items I’ve accomplished this year (2017) is the fact that I no longer worry about money. For me, this is a milestone. From the moment I wake up in the morning, till the moment I fall asleep at night, my cost-cutting techniques are so ingrained inside my very soul that I hardly think about money at all. Ditto for my husband. We know we are living within our means. We know we have enough saved/earned for our future and our current expenses. It has also helped for us to distance ourselves away from other people who fret about money. Misery does NOT love company. We have consciously decided to associate ourselves with financially successful people only and the results of that decision has been phenomenal!

Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are. (this applies to online associations also) If you are someone who continuously worries about money, you’re not the people for us. Period.

The other big item I’ve accomplished this year (2017) has been the reconciliation between my two adult daughters and myself. After the 2016 election, I had some harsh, seriously blunt words for my two daughters and they didn’t respond well to my scathing honesty. They stopped talking to me and denied me any access to my two grandchildren. At first I tried everything, including hiring an attorney, a therapist and a mediator to rectify our estrangement. I finally realized our separateness had nothing to do with neither Trump nor Clinton. Children of divorce and blended families have lots of issues. The only way I could help my adult daughters was to stay away and just let them be. That meant ‘No Contact!’  Needless to say, this was very painful for me. I wound up suffering a heart event from all the turmoil and associated pain, but I did it, nonetheless.

In the end, a parent gets that fateful phone call. The one where the adult child says it was all a misunderstanding. They didn’t mean what they said and in retrospect they have come to realize that their mother (me) was right all along. And just like that, all is forgiven and forgotten. Yup, except that I still have a heart condition. Oh well.

2017 also meant the realization of Hurricane Irma. The new condo hubby and I bought in Florida in 2016 was unfortunately located right in Irma’s path. The visions of all the destruction and loss of assets and possessions certainly put my financial priorities in order. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Easy come. Easy go. Hubby and I anticipated a 100% loss. But in the last few hours before Hurricane Irma was scheduled to demolish our neighborhood, the hurricane shifted to the right and avoided our area all together. We suffered not one iota of any damage. We never lost electrical power. We never lost running water. God taught us a valuable lesson (money and possessions have NO value) AND He spared us from total financial ruin (Praise God!)

Hurricane Irma put a damper on all our vacations plans. Everything had to be cancelled and Nick and I put our newly purchased RV in storage. Now, I am happy to say that 2018 will be a new beginning for us and with that comes making new plans for the upcoming year and getting our RV back on the road!

We’re back on track to see The Grand Canyon! We already made reservations for early April (apparently a very busy time to see The Grand Canyon. Who knew?) I was able to score the last RV spot (with full hookup) for the month. We also booked two late August weeks on our favorite beach in Newport RI with a one week follow-up at Arcadia National Park in Maine come September (after Labor Day when the prices drop).

My daughters now realize that talking is the best medicine. When you sit down and actually have a conversation fully with someone else (no hanging up the phone, disconnects or slamming of bedroom doors) you can actually overcome any hint of a mis-communication. Imagine that?

DH will continue to take on project work in 2018 (because a retiree can never have too much money in a savings account) but he will insist on a retainer first. Once the retainer money has dwindled either a new retainer is secured or DH will no longer work for the contractor. Period. DH got off easy the last time, as the contrator eventually paid him in full.  Next time he may not be so lucky.

You’re never too old to learn new tricks.

My favorite moments from 2017:

exmas.jpg - 1 (1)
daily sunsets outside my condo. taken with my iPhone
my new blue bedroom
my gorgeous blue bedroom! taken with my Canon camera
daily walk.jpg - 1
our daily walk around the lake (1.54 miles) taken with my iPhone

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