Timing Is Everything

Our timing has been way off lately. For one, we came down to Florida way too early! The temps are too hot for us here. The humidity is unbearable. So much so that I have been rethinking this whole retirement thing. WTF am I doing? It’s days like this that I wish I was just in one perfect place. Apparently, however, something like that doesn’t exist for us. Or does it? As I said, I have to rethink everything.

Nick and I are NOT homebodies. Which means, we do NOT like to stay inside a home. We like to be out and about. That’s the reason why we shed the north in the winter and head down south so we can continue to live our lives outside. Now, the reverse has just happened to us. It’s so darn hot here in Florida we’re forced to remain inside! Duh?

We can’t go walking, we can’t visit the local state parks, we can’t go hiking, we can’t go bike riding, we can’t even go to the beach/bay because the heat has brought about a flesh-eating bacteria making swimming in these waters dangerous. The worst part is we can’t even cook because the kitchen heat is intolerable. Now I know why there are so many fast-food joints in Florida! People can’t cook their own meals at home because of the high temps! The only thing we CAN do right now is swim in the pool BUT after an hour, we’re done!

Anyway, to say I am NOT a happy puppy right now would be an understatement. Next year, we will NOT step foot in Florida till after October 15th. We should have stayed up north and enjoyed the cool fall weather, the colorful leave falling, the mountainous hiking trails, the real apple orchids and pumpkin farms (not these fake apple farms here in Florida!) September for us should be our RV travel month. Next summer our RV will be at the beaches of Rhode Island and Maine till after Labor Day. Then off to the mid-west to hike the National Parks.

We did this year all wrong! And one thing we can’t get back is our wasted time. Yes, granted we came down to Florida early to inspect the hurricane damage BUT we should have kept on going. We shouldn’t have stayed.

Live and learn. That’s all I can say. And resolve to make next year better than this one.

I cancelled our RV trip to The Grand Canyon this May and have rescheduled it. I have changed it to September ’18 next year instead. This May we’ll head back up north and spend the summer months in Rhode Island with an end-of-season top off at The Acadia State Park in Maine. We were supposed to do that this year but somehow it all got screwed up (I think by the hurricane….)

Another thing that happened that threw me off kilter recently: the exorbitant RV storage fee. We were supposed to get a $89 monthly space but by the time we booked all they had left were $130 a month spots. When you’re on a fixed income, the additional $40 hurts. Sorry, I’m not cutting our food budget just to store the RV. Thankfully, a friend of mine who lives on 10 acres up in the Florida panhandle, offered us space for free. We’ll be taking her up on it after we get some warranty work done on our RV. There’s a slight crack in the laminate on the kitchen counter. Thankfully, we only had to pay for a half month of storage before our warranty appointment. And double thankful the much-needed repair will take at least 30 days. Or more! That equals free storage! We told the service rep to take all the time he needs. Hopefully till May! LOL!

While we were waiting for our service rep, we used their dump station for free. Nick cleaned out ALL the tanks. The service company was also having a free lunch for all their loyal customers (from now till Sunday). So, in the end, we had a good day. Things worked out much better. The high storage fee burden was lifted; our RV is in very good hands and we enjoyed a delicious, free lunch!

Now, if the temps would just come down. Oh well.

hot dogs
The guys grilling up some hot dogs
under the tent
under a very cool tent!




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