Fall Theme Q&A


  1. Fave fall treat? Has to be caramel apples, rolled in crushed almonds!
  2. Fave color apple? Has to be red! The read red. Not the dyed, fake reds!
  3. Fave fall sport to play? Tossing frisbee to my dog.
  4. Best drink? Pumpkin Spice latte that I make myself. Yum!
  5. Fave fall activity? Hiking in the mountains. Breathing in that fresh air!
  6. Must have purchase? Mums. Have to have them on my deck & front entrance.
  7. Pumpkins purchase? Store bought. Le sigh.
  8. Real or fake?  MUST be real!
  9. Fave costume? A princess, of course.
  10. Football? I only watch one game per year & that’s the Super Bowl.
  11. Fall decor? Other than the mums and a pumpkin, no.
  12. Rake leaves? Never. They make a great mulch for next years growth.
  13. Fave soup? Tuscan bean with lots of sausage.
  14. Fave candle scent? Don’t like candles. Sorry.
  15. Love/Hate pumpkin spice? See #4 above. Love it!
  16. Booties? short & tall, depending on the weather.
  17. Fave Halloween candy? Candy Corn!
  18. PSL? See #4 above. Again!
  19. Hayride or Corn Maze?  I love me a good hayride. So fun!
  20. Fave Fall TV show? Any new, romantic series on PBS. yes, please.

7 thoughts on “Fall Theme Q&A

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  1. I keep missing these TBB Qs and As. Are they on the X day of the month? First Monday, perhaps? Great fun. Love that your fav costume is a princess. I have a lil red riding hood costume I like but my fav is my cow (with udders) costume.


    1. Hi mommyhon. I don’t know what day of the month they are up. I just read the blogs almost daily and when I see the entry, I join in. No worries. Join in when you can. How can you be late to the party?


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