Attending The Rowing Competition

rowing1.jpg - 1
Nick at the bridge entrance into the event

The heat was unbearable. Last we checked it was almost 94F degrees. Nick and I managed to walk around but when we got back to our car, we could tell we had heat exhaustion. Thank goodness we packed water and the venue was giving out free apples (which helped with our stability).

Nonetheless, Nick and I ventured onward. I had purchased two tickets (standing room only) to attend the 2017 World Rowing Competition in Sarasota, Florida ($10 each) for the last day of the event. The schedule stated the first race started at 9AM. Unfortunately, Nick and I didn’t get there till noon time and guess what? The event had come to its week-long close. In other words, we missed everything. As we were walking in to the event, mobs of people were walking out.

Oh well.

The main reason why I wanted to attend the function was strictly for a photo-op. The event didn’t fail me BUT I wasn’t able to get one photo of any rower. Now that it’s over and we are both back in our comfortably air-conditioned condo, we had a great time. We clocked in over 2.5 miles walking. So, the day wasn’t a total waste!

Nonetheless, you can see my photos by clicking here.  Or you can see my photos now as a YouTube video. Don’t forget to click ‘like’ and subscribe!


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